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Batting Cages, Bar and Baseball

Welcome to Home Run House – Batting cages, Bar, Baseball
It’s time to play ball!
Our specialty “Big League Batting Cages” and custom software enable you to step up to the plate in Major League baseball stadiums across America and experience the thrill of hitting baseballs in real game scenarios.
But baseball isn’t only about the competition.  In America, it’s a social event, which is why the sport is known as “America’s Pastime”.
So, when you need a break from swinging for the fences, put down the bat and pass some time with us in our “Budweiser Bleacher Bar and Theatre”.  Wash down classic ballpark snacks with cold American beer as you while away the hours enjoying live Major League Baseball games and watching on in amusement as your friends flail away in the cages.
Want a memento of your time with us?  We’ve got it you covered, in fact, “The Clubhouse Shop” is truly one of a kind.  Operated by New Era, it’s the only officially licensed outlet for MLB apparel in all of Europe where products from all 30 teams are available for purchase.  Don’t have a team yet?  We can help with that.  
Developed by the American hospitality innovators behind Passyunk Avenue and delivered in collaboration with Major League Baseball and Budweiser, Home Run House, through it’s exhilarating customer experiences, is designed to tell the story of how baseball has become such a transcendent part of American culture.

Batter up!


Home Run House by Passyunk Avenue

Westfield Stratford, Level 1, World Food Court, London E20 1ES

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